Thank you so much for visiting my site.

I am a traditional artist who has been creating for over thirty years.  My love for art began with me admiring my mom’s abilities.  As a kid, I would lay in her studio and sketch while watching her paint.  I would watch with wonder as she created the most beautiful paintings and artwork, usually of scenes and animals she saw in the natural world around her.  I knew early on that I wanted to instill that same sense of awe in others by recreating in paint or pencil, all the amazing things present in my world.  I received formal art education via the Art Education Institute early on, but only recently decided to sell my art publicly.

I hope you find that perfect piece to complement your amazing lifestyle and taste today.  If not, please reach out to let me know a bit more about you and what you are looking for so I can be sure to include pieces that suit your desires in the future.

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